​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

Unit 108 Recent Minutes

November 9, 2021


Meeting was called to order by President Kathy Keller  at 4:00 p.m.   The  Pledge and Preamble to the Constitution was done. 

Prayer: Connie Lyon Molley 

Roll Call: Kathy K.,  Pam T., Diane M., Patricia A., Anna K.,   Connie Lyon Molley,  Norma Huebner.

Minutes from October 12th meeting Juanita motioned to approve, Trish seconded, motion carried.

Communication:  Letter from Barbara Mattsen, Dept. Secretary – thanking us for the 5 boxes of poppies.  Letter turned over to Pam. 

Treasurers Report : General Fund Acct:  $6,3,71.58   (Includes: Poppy Fund:  $1,486.45, Scholarship Fund $906.32, Girl’s State Fund $2,186.32, General Fund Unencumbered Balance $1,792.49)  7 Mo. Certificate of Deposit  $3,110.77   (Total Cash Assets $9,482.35)  The report will be filed for audit. (All Mandates have been paid)

*Last month Pam suggested that we take the money from our “Bakeless” fundraiser and tack into the Scholarship.. but we only received $100 . 

She suggested that this would not really help the Fund all that much and advised that the CD matures on 12/12/21 and we could withdraw $1000 without penalty now, dedicate the money to the Scholarship Fund and that would really help bring the balance up more in line with the other fund balances.  It was noted that the scholarship(s) will be payable in March/April, and someone will have to decide how many scholarships will be funded and no one is planning on any fund raising for it.  She stated that whoever takes on the Chair for this fund will need a good base amount to get started properly managing the Fund and work on a funding stream immediately.  In the meantime, the fund at its present balance can only support one scholarship and if we add in the $100, it could support two but then the fund would be wiped out all together by March/April; and the new Chair is going to need more time to come up with a management and fund-raising plan.

 Further discussion led to the announcement that Diane MacKaben will be the chair for the Scholarship Fund and will be helped by Sherrie Taylor and Barbara Pidgeon.  Discussion continued concerning possible fund-raising projects and management techniques.  It was noted that last year we voted to fund one scholarship.  The Chairman will have to decide how much and how many scholarships can be supported given the current balance, projected income and expenses on future fund raising.  It was noted that any fundraising costs for the Scholarship Fund must be paid out of the Scholarship Fund. 

Juanita motioned that we pull $1000 out of the CD now to avoid any penalty and deposit it into the General Account to be held pending a final action. Suzanne seconded, motion carried. 

Historian: Nothing

VA Gift Shop:   Trish stated that Dec. 6 & 7 in Bldg 15 at the VA to put together gift bags for the Gift Shop to be given to the Vets in the Domicillary .  Will meet at 9:00.  She has purchased numerous things and received donations as well.  Teen gifts:  $15 WalMart gift cards.  We seem to be in good  shape this year.  (Parking is limited)


Membership:    We are 30 paid.  Juanita will check out the website.

Mitsu Burns received a “perfect attendance” Award from Dept.  We will send to her. 

Mary Stone obituary passed around.  She was a long time member of the Auxiliary.

Veterans Day Parade in Prescott:  A few said they would be attending but will be mostly the Post and Riders.

Girls State:  Sally has been our Chairperson.  Kathy will talk with her. 

Dept. President Special Program this year is for PTSD.  There was a speaker at Fall Conference promoting “Camp Hope” in Texas.  Very tender presentation.  A lot of money was donated from different units to this project.  Hopefully we will have enough money to donate to the President’s Special Project of $300 like we did last year. 

Kathy saw a section in a local free paper called “Shout Out”  for Non-profits.  We might think about this to get information about our Auxiliary out to the public.  

Diane brought up the Poppy Program.  Be thinking about the 3 stores we could be in front of (given their permission, of course).  This year ACE (as always!), Denny’s and Sally B’s stepped up for us.  We made a fair amount considering this year of COVID.


Create a Tree at the Library.  Kathy received an acknowledgement  e-mail  but doesn’t state if we can do it and on what date.  She will check back.

Dec. Potluck Dec. 14th 4:00.  We will meet at 3:30 just before the potluck.

Volunteer Hours clipboard was passed around.

We continue to NEED a Fundraiser Chair .  Ladies… PLEASE CONSIDER THIS and maybe you could have a co-chair. 

Barbara has the catalog of plays that might be a possibility.  Trish brought up a group that provides books (we would receive 20% of sales).  She was going to check into it.  We would need to find a venue to have it.  Diane will check with the Library.  (Kathy interfaced with the Auxiliary President from Post 140 who she sat by at Fall Conference who wanted to see what we do)

Our new meeting location is at ABC (8939 E. Valley Road, P. V. - across from Gabriella’s Restaurant)  Our new meeting times for the Auxiliary are 4:00 p.m., the Post 5:00 p.m. and the ALR is 6:00 p.m.  It is hoped that these earlier hours will be beneficial for our members to attend while it is still daylight. 

Closing Prayer was offered by  Norma Huebner

Meeting adjourned  at 4:55 p. m. 

Next Meeting:   Dec. 14th , 2021

Respectfully submitted,
Diane MacKaben, Secretary