​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

Post 108 Recent Minutes

Post 108 Meeting
14 June 2022

Joint Meeting:
• Auxiliary President let everyone know that they are taking the next 2 months off and would like to have a potluck or something in September. Post is working on a larger meeting location and will let everyone know. It was suggested that pizza would be easier to do.

• Bingo at the VA will be July 19th.
• Happy 247TH birthday to the U.S. Army.
• District 8 meeting 9 July at Post 6
• Next Flag Day is 4 July
• Department Convention 23-26 June in Oro Valley.
• District 8 Picnic, 17 Sep. If planning on attending, please sign-up ASAP as the Post will need to buy tickets at the next District meeting on 9 July. $6.00 each

Post Meeting:

• Opening Ritual at 1700
o Chaplain, Tim Roeder offered the prayer
• Roll Call – all officers present except for Doug Keller, on sick call. Quorum is present.
• Minutes of Previous Meeting-Motion to approve the minutes made by Sam Clark, seconded by Perry Tipton,   

• Introduction of guests, prospective and new members. -Doug McPheters, Navy. Was provided with an application.
• Certificates and Recognition, none
• Committee Reports

o Finance – Checking acct statement balance is $1554.69; Savings is $3197.73; Woodbury Financial is $23,732.37; Ready cash is 147.91. Total for all accounts is $28,632.70. Motion to approve subject to audit made by John Moffitt, 2nd by Sam Clark, passed.

o Membership – 1st Vice, currently 88 members. 2022 goal was 96, we are at 91.7% of goal.

o Fund Raising Report – 2nd Vice, ordered flagpole plaques and passed around a suggested form to be used for submission for what will go on the plaques, $25 per sponsorship. Sam Clark made a motion to approve the forms as submitted, 2nd by William Hudson, passed

o ALR Report – Rider Director still not able to do any long rides. Riders assisted with the ALA poppy drive and about $1200 was raised by the auxiliary. Visit to Glassford place was made on Memorial Day, would like to see more riders attend.

o Horseshoe Tournament is scheduled for 8 Oct.

o Flags – 4 Jul

• Sick Call

o Doug Keller, Anita Wulf, and Marvin Mackaben

Post 108 Meeting

14 June 2022 • Post Service Officer’s Report, Vacant

• Old Business

o CPR hours, make sure you have your hours submitted. Logbook is available at the meeting or send to Gary Taylor. Some members numbers looked low for the 2021/22 year. Total hours including Auxiliary is 13,460.

o 2022 dues payable now, $43 for 2022, $44 for 2023.

o PV Adopt-A-Highway is on hold.

• New Business (and Correspondence)

o Dept proposal on Legacy Members (WWII and 20 Year Korean Members) We have 2 Korean vets that fit that have not paid up, 2nd Vice Peggy Schmidt will do a buddy check before moving forward. Have 2 WWII and 5 other Korean war vets that are current.

• The Good of the American Legion.’

o Due to construction of a catch basin, we lost 4 flag holes on the east end of Hwy 69, Commander will contact the city to see what was up and if anything can be done.

o New Project ideas: members willing to head up and participate in. Anita Wulf is collection shoes for an overseas charity, will be collecting again at the July Meeting.

o Service Officer, Public Affairs/Relations Officer, and Flag Captain still needed,

• Next Meeting Date and Location – 12 July, ABC

o Attempted to schedule a E-board meeting, Gary Taylor will send out an email to coordinate this, unable to find a good date with many officers going on vacation.

• Chaplain Tim gave closing prayer.

• Adjourned at 1758

Respectfully Submitted,

Ron Arrigoni, Adjutant