​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

Post 108 Recent Minutes

Gary Streeter Post 108 Minutes
12 April 2022

A. Auxiliary 2; Post 17.

B. Rafffle – held at end of meeting

C. Flags to be put up on Tuesday, 29 March 2022 – Viet Nam War Veterans Day.

Post Meeting:
A. Opened per ritual at 1703. • Chaplain Tim offered the prayer.

B. Roll call – all officers present; total present – 17; guests – 3.

C. Minutes of previous meeting. • Waived reading minutes – Beverly Sanchez; second – John Moffit; passed. • Motion to approve minutes – John Moffit; Second – Ron Arrigoni; 


D. Introduction of guests, prospective and new members:
      • Guests – None
     • New Member(s) – Mike Siavelis, transferring from Post 140 and wife Frances to join Auxiliary. Motion to accept - Mike Covell; second – Doug Keller; passed
     • Retuning Members - Several who have not attended meetings for a while: Welcome back Ron Matthews and Sam Clark.

E. Certificates and Recognition – None

F. Committee reports
• Finance - Statement Balance as of 2/28 /2022, $2,412.41; Checkbook Balance as of 02/07/2022, $2,373.41; Savings Account as of 03/07/2022, $3,196.94; Woodbury Financial as of 01/2022, 24,404.57; Ready Cash as of 03/07/2022, $147.91; TOTAL $30,161.83. Motion to approve subject to audit, Beverly Sanchez, Doug Keller seconded, passed. Post Officers made the decision to follow our finance adviser’s advice to convert all moneys to cash and then reinvest in gold and energy.

• Membership 1st Vice – Membership has slowed down, 2022 goal 96, we are at 83.3% with 80 current members. No renewals or transfers coming in.

• Second Vice – is working on a fund raiser at Chicken Fillet and Texas Roadhouse.

• ALR Report – John Moffit welcomed Ron Meadows back; ALR 108 has 5 non renewals and 29 members.

• There will be $80.25 profit on sale of hoodies.

• Web Site – Doug Keller reported 34 hits this month; 260 hits last month; average 436; hits this year 487; last year 5,746; Average hits 620.

• 2022 Boy’s State – Elton Anderson – There are seven boys from BHS that are interested in Boy’s State. Will hold interviews right after spring break; 2 will be picked for Post

  108 with 1 alternate and 1 for Post 140.

• 2022 ALLECA – Commander Taylor nothing heard yet.

• There is a new web master from the Department so hoping information will be coming.

• Horseshoe Tournament – September 17 has been scheduled for the tournament, but that is same day as District picnic. Will ask for another date.

• Flags – 29 March 2022, Viet Nam War Veterans Day; usual time for putting up and taking down of flags. See you there.

G. Sick call, Relief and Employment.
    • Ron Matthews on path to healing and present at meeting; Morgan had shoulder surgery but doing well; Marvin MacKaben about the same; Kathy Keller is doing well.

H. Post Service Officer’s Report – VACANT.

I. Old Business.
   • 2022 dues payable now; $43 for 2022; $44 for 2023; $45 for 2024.

J. New Business (and Correspondence).
   • PV Adopt-A-Highway on hold for now.
   • A Space Force Flag needs to be purchased and placed with other flags in front of Denny’s. Doug Keller moved to purchase flag; Bob Singer seconded; passed. Bob     

     Meadowcroft will purchase and arrange to have flags placed in appropriate position.

   • Nomination & Election of Post Officers being in March with election in May. Nominated for Commander: Gary Taylor; 1st Vice: Dorfman declined; 2nd Vice: Peggy Schmidt; 

     Finance: Bob Meadowcroft; Members at Large: Doug Keller and John Moffitt. Will hold nominations again in April.

K. The Good of the American Legion.
     • Reminder - nominations will be held again in April.
     • New project ideas and members willing to head up and participate.
     • Service Officer, Public Affairs/Relations Officers, Flag Captain are needed.
     • Next Meeting Date and location – 12 APR, ABC.

L. Chaplin Tim gave closing prayer.

M. Adjourned1755.

Respectivley Submitted

Anita Wulf, Adjutant