​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

Post 108 Recent Minutes

Gary Streeter Post 108 Minutes
14 December 2021

Joint Meeting

A. Potluck was held. Twenty-one attended and enjoyed the various foods offered.

B. Several raffles were held and $$$$ went into the checking account.

C. Chipotle fund raiser will be Saturday, 18 December 2021. There is a flyer out but if you don’t have one, just tell them you are with Post 108.

D. Wreaths Across America- there will be no public service this year

Post Meeting

A. Opened per ritual at 1700.

B. Roll call – all presents except 2nd vice, excused; 19 members present.

C. Minutes of previous meeting.
• Waived reading minutes – Mike McKibbin, second Robert Dorfman, passed.
• Motion to approve minutes – Michael McKibbin, Second Beverly Sanchez, passed.

D. Introduction of guests, prospective and new members:
• Welcomed new member Leland Warne and Caitlyn Detert (Commander’s granddaughter, who is active-duty Navy). John Moffit motion to accept, second Doug Keller , passed.
• Guests – Tony Hampton, Commander, Post 140; CJ Raibourne, Area “C” Oratorical Coordinator; Rudy and Debra Perez; Mike and Frances Siavelis, Coast Guard; all from Post 140.

E. Certificates and Recognition – None.

F. Committee reports
• Finance - Statement Balance as of 11/30/2031, $1,895.45; Checkbook Balance as of Dec 12, 2021, $2,036.45; Savings Account $3,196.13; Woodbury Financial as of 11/30/2021 $25,113.22; Ready Cash $162.91; TOTAL $30,367.77. Motion to approve subject, to audit Doug Keller, Beverly Sanchez seconded, passes.
• Membership – Present membership 95, 2022 goal 2022 96 members, we are at 75%, received one renewal.
• Fund raiser - Chipoltes Saturday, 18 December 33%, 2nd Vice absent no report on Mod Pizza.
• ALR Report – John Moffit reported Ron Meadows in hospital for heart problem.
• Web Site – Doug Keller reported 58 hits this month, 288 last month, average 530 month, 7579 total for year; pvpost108.com is web site address.
• 2022 Boy’s State – Elton Anderson will contact Bradshaw Mountain High School official; also check with Equine School.
• 2022 Oratorical – Jan 31, 2022 deadline for Oratorical.
• 2022 ALLECA – Commander Tayor nothing heard about it yet.
• BMHS ROTC – Commander Taylor can’t get response from BMHS ROTC Cmdr.
• Horseshoe Tournaent – Commander Taylor has requested date in April or October, no response at this time, thinking about patches for next year.
• Flags – February 21, 2022, Presidents Day, need 4 people per truck; Bob Dorfman and Bob Meadowcroft are caring for flagpole holes and Marvin MacKaben repairing flags.

G. Sick call, Relief and Employment.
• Bob Singer had hip surgery, Ron Matthews, Bob Davis.

H. Post Service Officer’s Report – VACANT.

I. Old Business.
• 2022 dues payable now; $43 for 2022; $44 for 2023; $45 for 2025.
• Wreaths Across American – No Public Service this year.
• Horses with Heart sent thank you for donation.

J. New Business (and Correspondence).
• PV Adopt-A-Highway on hold for now; still need to get with city regarding what street and three times a year.
• VFW Post 10227 Dirty Dozen contributed $1200 a year for expenses to keep post open. It helped carried them through 2020.

K. The Good of the American Legion.
• New project ideas and members willing to head up and participate.
• Service Officer, Public Affairs/Relations Officers, Flag Captain are needed.
• Next Meeting Date and location – Jan 11, 2022, at ABC.
• Welcome for Vets January 19, 2022; 1730 at Elks Lodge in PV.

L. Chaplin gave the closing prayer.

M. Adjourned at 1750.

Anita Wulf,  Adjutant