​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

​​​​MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
ALR: 5:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 6:00 p.m.
Auxiliary right after joint meeting 
United Methodist Church
8944 E Sommer Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

                                                                             DISTRICT 8 – GENERAL MEETING

                                                                                          JULY 23, 2023

                                                                                POST 78, HUMBOLDT, AZ

Prior to the General Meeting, a Joint Meeting was held.  The picnic was discussed; 190 tickets have been purchased.  Post 90 said they are providing everything.  The picnic will be from noon until 4 pm.  The next District Meeting set for Post 93 would interfere with Camp Verde Days; Post 25 has offered to host our next District Meeting on 10/14.  Wreaths Across America needs a new location coordinator; see John Moffitt if interested.  Thanks to Post 78 for hosting us, and Unit 78 for providing lunch.  The  50/50 drawing was held.  The Auxiliary was then dismissed to have their meeting. 


Roll Call:  Roll call was taken which revealed all Officers present except for Commander Timmons.  All Posts present except for 79. 

Guest:   Larry Maxwell, Post 6. 

Motion made, seconded and passed to forgo reading of the minutes, and to approve as written.   

Committee Reports:

Finance:  Ron gave the finance report.  Before the E-Board Meeting, an audit was conducted.  The finance report revealed a beginning balance of $4531.24.   After income and expenses, our ending balance is $4371.40.  The 2023-2024 Budget was presented.  The per capita letter was sent to all Posts.  Motion made, seconded and passed to approve this report, subject to audit.

Chaplain:  Gary discussed one ill Post 25 member, Jamie Galczynski.  Post 40 has had one deceased member, William Gill.  Post 78 has had one deceased member, Joe (Papa Joe) Joseph.  The Post 79 Commander's wife is in the hospital.  Post 93 has had one deceased member, Bob McClay.  The Auxiliary of Post 93 had deceased member Deanna Johansen, and the SAL had deceased member Randall Dickinson.  Post 140 has one ill member, Tony Hampton, and there was a death they are assisting with who is not a Post 140 member.  “Give the Rules a Rest,” was read by Gary.  Motion made, seconded and passed to accept this report. 

Judge Advocate:  No report.

Membership:   Commander Timmons wanted to thank the District for reaching 100% on CPR and Officer Reports.  Also thanks for your membership efforts. 

AZALR:   The new District 8 Representative, Curt Bancroft, introduced himself and spoke about various issues including the Legacy Run and Bikefest.  Motion made, seconded and passed to accept this report. 

Old Business:   None.

New Business:  John Moffitt gave the Convention Report:

> 18 Resolutions submitted. 

<> 10 were rejected by the Resolutions Committee – either not in proper form, or contrary to the US Flag Code, Department Constitution & By-laws, or National Constitution & By-laws.

<>  1 Resolution was referred to the Department Emergency Response Committee.

<>  1 Resolution (opening up Auxiliary membership to fathers/stepfathers of veterans) was rejected by the membership.

<>  4 Resolutions were passed. 1) Endorsing Ben Headen for National Area Vice Commander; 2) Asking National to have a Venturing Scouts scholarship program; 3) Asking National to have a Sea Scout Quartermaster scholarship program. 4) Increasing dues for Post 100 to $60 a year.

<>  2 Resolutions which passed Committee were withdrawn by their sponsors.

>  Although we are no longer required to keep DD-214’s for our members, you should keep a log of who reviewed the applicant’s DD-214 and that you confirmed his/her eligibility.

>  When you suspend someone from your Post, the term of the suspension has to have a definite time frame. If the time frame goes past the term of the current E Board, the new E-Board must vote to re-new the suspension. And the suspension should be in writing, setting forth the reasons and term of suspension. [NOTE – “conduct unbecoming” or “good of the Legion” is insufficient – you must specify what acts constituted conduct unbecoming.

>  It was suggested that you have a chart showing progressive discipline for specific violations so you treat everyone equally. Al Quintana, Department JA, has a chart available.

>  Employee suspension/firing/discipline does NOT go to the membership. It goes no further than your E Board.

>  If someone is expelled from the Legion and they show up as a guest at your Post, you can refuse service to that person and ask them to leave.

>  You can have 12 open houses a year – open to everyone. The purpose is to increase membership.

>  Every Post – especially if you have a club license – should have their officers and bartenders and employees take sexual harassment training. Bobbie Kimelton, Post 145, is available through Department to provide this.

>  Every Post should adopt a sexual harassment reporting policy. Contact Angel for a copy.

>  If an SAL member is wearing his cover, he can salute even if he is a non-veteran.

> Post 108 had the highest membership renewal rate in District 8.

>  The Credentials Committee, which had been picking the “leading candidate” for upcoming Department Commander, and also “vets” prospective Department officers, was disbanded by outgoing Department Commander Simon.

>  Attendance:

          <> 533 Legion

          <> 281 SAL

          <> 377 Auxiliary

          TOTAL: 1,191

>  2024 Convention and Conference will again be held in Oro Valley. 2025 Convention will be hosted by Post 35 and held at the San Marcos Casino in Chandler. So far no bids for 2025 Fall Conference.

>  Steve Sperl (Post 36) was elected Department Commander.

>  Scott Miller (Post 42) was elected Department Vice Commander for Area C.

>  Commanders – if you can’t go to Convention or Conference, give someone from your Post a proxy to vote on behalf of your Post. And if you go but leave before voting on Sunday, also give them a written proxy.


Alternate NEC – Ken Queen (P 27)

NEC – Andy Jaime (P 44)

          Chico (Steve Aguirre) (P 66)

Department Commander: Manny Beltran (P 68)

Good of the Legion:  John Moffitt requested a donation of $150 for the District 8 ALR Annual VA BBQ and Christmas Program.  Motion made, seconded and passed.  A $300 donation was requested for Wreaths Across America (assuming there will be a new location coordinator and the event will take place).   Motion made, seconded and passed.   The traveling plaque was awarded to Post 6. 

With no further business to conduct, the Chaplain was asked to give the closing prayer. 

The meeting adjourned at 1400 hrs. 

Debra G. Nowakowski,
District 8 Adjutant