April 10, 2021 
Meeting Held At: ALR 24

Meeting called to order 1:04 PM

Invocation by Beth Hill, ALR 24 Chaplain

POW/MIA Empty Chair ceremony

Pledge of Allegiance  - recited by all.

MOMENT OF SILENCE for our brothers/sisters who had died, been injured or who have become ill since our last meeting.


> Mark Lamberton, ALR 131, Vice Chairman

> Carolyn Tompkins, ALR 39. Secretary excused due to foot injury;  Juanita Moffitt, ALR 108 Acting Secretary.

> Gerry Brinkman, ALR 24 President introduced along with Dick Perry, Commander Post 24 who welcomed all Legion Riders.

 Minutes of October 2020 meeting at ALR 30 (Springerville) unanimously approved.

Steve Aguirre (Chico) – ALR 66 – Provided information on the Legionnaire Insurance Trust. There is no cost to you for a $1,000 death policy and $5,000 accidental death insurance if going to a Legion function. Protection is  guaranteed to all Legion family members. To sign up, go to www.thelit.com

As a member of the Legion Family, you're eligible for up to $5,000.00 in coverage at no cost. But your Confirmation is REQUIRED for activation.


Az. Fallen Hero Memorial Ride Organization

Terry Johnson , President of the Arizona Fallen Heroes Memorial Riders

group of retired, active duty First Responders, Military Veterans and civilians not willing to allow First Responders killed in the line of duty be forgotten. Their mission is to have charity events to provide financial support to various nonprofit organizations who provide support to families of Arizona first responders killed in the line of duty.

Presented information on the three Arizona memorial rides in September (Northern Arizona), October (Southern Arizona) and November (Central Arizona). Registration is $45 for a single rider, $65 for 2-up, and entitles you to go on all three rides as well as the after-ride BBQ.

So far $150,000 has been raised and donated to families of fallen responders in Arizona.

For more info, go to azfhmr.org


John Moffitt outlined the following:

>  THE 5 RULES we are governed by -- IRS regulations –

All officers, directors, etc. must be named by the post.

Riders may be given the courtesy of holding elections—such elections are not valid until the report of elections is approved by vote at post meeting. 
The new officers might also be “installed” at a suitable ceremony. 
The post commander, members, and/or executive committee retain the right to remove/change ALR officers at any time for any reason.

All officer vacancies must be filled by the post.

Riders are usually given the freedom to name the replacement officers as needed
Such replacements to be confirmed by the post commander, post executive committee, or by vote at a post meeting.)

The ALR Chapter must report to the post no less frequently than monthly. 

 Riders programs report to the post, typically with both an activities report and a financial report at regular post meetings, or by providing the information to the Post Commander and Adjutant. 
Post might ask for additional reports, or that the financial report be submitted in writing to the finance officer/treasurer with documentation.

   4.    A Post officer (normally treasurer or finance officer or post fiscal officer) must be signatory on all accounts – but can be any Post Officer.

The post is responsible for funds maintained in all subordinate programs, and must account for all program finances on annual tax forms, 990 forms, and annual reports to their memberships.

All amendments to ALR constitution or by-laws must be approved by the post. 

Approval is normally granted by the general membership or the post executive committee.

 > Resolution 19.

 The AZALR Committee (AZALR Officers and District Reps) approved two Resolutions to be sent to the Department Executive Committee (DEC), and then to the National Executive Committee (NEC). One Resolution asks the NEC to totally rescind Resolution 19. The second Resolution is for major amendments to Resolution 19, as follows:

    <> Section 2.  Each ALR member shall-establish and maintain membership by owning, individually or through marriage, a motorcycle licensed and insured as required by state law. This would be rescinded, since it doesn’t appear to allow for supporters, junior members or significant others to be ALR members.

     <> Section 5. The American Legion Riders officers shall be called chairman, vice chairman, director, and/or assistant director. Commander and vice commander are not appropriate because the American Legion Riders is a program of a post or department. In order to retain the identity of the ALR as an association of motorcycle enthusiasts and not as a motorcycle club or biker club, the titles of "president, vice president and past president/vicepresident" shall no longer be permitted. A transition period of one year from the date of this resolution's passage will be provided for departments/posts to update governing documents and to transition to these approved ALR leadership titles. This would be reworded to only prohibit use of the title Commander, and would allow continued use of the title “President” or “Director”.

    <> Section 6.  The only recognized American Legion Riders emblem and logo authorized are those sold through The American Legion Emblem Sales. No use of rockers touching the ALR patch are allowed because touching the ALR patch violates the trademark laws protecting the ALR patch. This would be reworded to actually include a picture of what is included in the Legion’s trademark (which doesn’t include the black portion surround the Eagle/Logo on the patch).

    <>  Section 7. ALR vests should display the integrity, principles, and values of The American Legion and the ALR by avoiding patches or pins with explicit or offensive language or images. All patches and pins of any groups displayed on the ALR vest shall share like values of  The American Legion with regard to improving the lives of veterans, the military, the community and families, and these groups must be supportive of the principles of justice, freedom, democracy, and equality for all. Since the wording is so vague, this would be reworded to read as follows: The American Legion Riders must represent the virtues, values, ethics, and morals of The American Legion in support of freedom, democracy, and the safety of our citizens. Affiliations of ALR programs with other groups and organizations that subscribe to the principles of and oppose our form of government by promoting anti-Americanism, antiestablishment, or pro-criminal culture shall not be permitted. 

    <> Section 8. To maintain the image of The American Legion and it's programs, ALR members while wearing any American Legion Riders apparel shall not display exposed weapons.  This would be rescinded.

    <>  Section 10. All ALR members shall obey the motorcycle laws of their state. This includes the proper motorcycle license endorsement in accordance with the rider's home state. This would be rescinded.  A junior member who rides on the back of a member’s bike does not have a motorcycle endorsement. A support member who rides in a car or truck does not have a motorcycle endorsement. A spouse (who is a Legion family member) of an ALR Rider might not have a motorcycle endorsement, if he or she rides on the back. And it is somewhat insulting to have in a Resolution that an ALR Member has to obey the law. Of course we do.

The DEC approved both of our Resolutions, and forwarded them on to the NEC for consideration by the NEC at its May meetings. As soon as the NEC makes its final decisions in May, John will notify the AZALR Membership of the status of Resolution 19. Until then, Resolution 19 is on hold.

 > Traveling Trophy. Reminder – participants are to let John know as soon as a Post has stolen the Trophy. Also he needs to know time of next steal, whether food will be available, and if there are any occupancy limits for the steal.

>  2021 AZALR Bikefest. Gerry Brinkman, ALR 24 gave update  on 2021 AZALR Bikefest – hosted by ALR 24 (Tombstone). Oct. 22-24. Suggested those attending reserve hotel rooms as soon as possible. There will be online registration.

>  Get to Know Your Posts. Don Long, ALR 117 gave update on Get to Know Your Posts. Current sheets have to be in by April 30 to Post 117.  Donations of $1,117 have been made :  MAM, PGR, PTSD and 100 Club.  Drawings for prizes will be at annual meeting in June. Post 117 will be take a few months off until they start to contact posts again for the next GTKYP program.

 >  Legion of the Silver Rose. Ron Hellman (ALR 24) from Legion of the Silver Rose advised that ceremonies at Chapters 91 and 78 were cancelled due to covid restrictions of fewer than 50 people at Posts, however, he was upset that they were still able to host Capture the Flag and bingo with large crowds.

 > John reminded everyone about the Department Website- AZALR.YOLASITE.COM

He asked that you make sure your Directors/POC’s are correct, meetings dates and times, and check the calendar to make sure all of your events are on the calendar and are correct. Let him know of any changes. And when you change Directors or Presidents, or meeting time or location.

 Also listed on website;

 Ads for sale
Items wanted
Help wanted
Discounts for Vets
Services Available

There is a list of Posts with ALR Chapters which have kitchens. If you Post isn’t listed on the website, let him know.

 When setting a ride or special event, check the AZALR calendar to make sure it doesn’t conflict with another ride/event and especially that it doesn’t conflict with our AZALR quarterly meetings and AZALR Bike Fest. State events are highlighted with yellow background.

If you have something to sell, want to buy, or have a job available, let John know.

If you know of a business offering discounts for vets, let John know – and if you go somewhere where the advertised discount is no longer being offered, let John know so he can take it off the website.

Ditto on the Directory Mark sends out; check to make sure everything is correct for Director/President and POC, meeting dates and times, and let Mark & John know of any changes.

>  Get John rides/events/flyers to post on the calendar & send out statewide. If you have a date for a ride or event but don’t have a flyer yet, let John know so he can put it on the AZALR calendar. Info will be updated when he receives a flyer.

>  Reminder about ALR stats – due June 1 for year ending May 31, 2021.  Copies to Post Adjutant  & Commander


 >  Please forward on minutes to your members. Many members still don’t know about the AZALR website or calendar. Also, Directors/Presidents – when you leave office, please make sure your successors are aware of the website and AZALR calendar.

 >  Posting inappropriate pictures/messages on social media. We are the face of the Legion; brings disrespect to ALR and Legion, plus disciplinary action for conduct unbecoming. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your children or grandchildren to see.

>  Vetting of new members – particularly someone moving from another Chapter. Make sure they are eligible to be in the Legion family. (Post 100 will accept Legion family members without verifying their eligibility.)


Technically you don’t transfer from one Chapter to another. Because none of our ALR dues go to Department or National, and there is no National database of members, if you go to another ALR Chapter you are considered a new member of that Chapter. Generally you will have to pay dues to that new Chapter (unless the Chapter’s by-laws provided for something different).

 > Reminders of rides/events- I only send out reminder when asked to do so – 1 week before the event.

 >  There was interest in riding to San Diego or Virginia for the christening of a ship for the Granite Mountain Hotshots.  More info to follow.


  District 1 – 

Doug Kreag (19)

Yuma (19)


District 2  -   David Willcox (131)

Corona de Tucson/Vail (109), Green Valley (131),  Nogales (23), Oro Valley (132). Tucson (7), Tucson (36), Tucson (59), Tucson (68), Tucson (125), Sahuarita (66)


District 3 –  Lorenzo Mata (52)


Eric Quimby (“Q”) (24)

Benson (45), Bisbee (16), Douglas (11), Pearce (141), Sierra Vista (52), Tombstone (24)


District 4 –  Steven Collins

Casa Grande (8),  Florence (9), Maricopa (133), San Tan Valley (97), Queen Creek (129),  ====================================================

District 5 – Dave Wells (32)   

Globe (4), Safford (32)


District 6 – Todd Harris (86)   

Concho (130), Overgaard (86),  Payson (69), Snowflake (126), Springerville (30)


District 7  – John Frush (103)

Williams (13), Kingman (14), Ash Fork (57), Lake Havasu City (81),  Bullhead City (87), Meadview (103)


District 8 –  Mark Contreras (3 fingers) (40)


David Ryan (“Slider”) (6)

Camp Verde (93), Cottonwood (25),  Dewey-Humboldt (78), Prescott (6),  Prescott Valley (108), Prescott Valley (140)


District 11 –  John Anderson (105)


Tracy Lindsey (5)

Avondale (61), Glendale (29),  Glendale (144), Goodyear (143), Laveen (134), Peoria (62), Phoenix (5), Phoenix (105),  Surprise (96), Wickenburg (12)


District 12  - Jerald A. Becker (27)   

Apache Junction (27), Cave Creek (34), Chandler (35), Chandler (91), Fountain Hills (58), Gilbert (39), Mesa (26), Phoenix (41), Phoenix (107), Phoenix (117),  Scottsdale (44), Tempe (138), Tempe (2).

Please let John know by May 1 if you want to run for AZALR District Rep in your District. Department would like the AZALR District Reps to attend their Legion Quarterly District meetings. 

>  Serving on Legion Committees. Let John know by June meeting if you are interested in serving.

>  Future 2021 meetings:

June meeting (Dep’t Convention) is also annual AZALR meeting. June 26 – 1330 hours –Delta Hotels by Marriot, 200 N Centennial Way, Mesa. Room rates are $99 per night. The final date to secure accommodations at the contracted rate is May 26, or when all rooms are booked – so make your reservations ASAP. Link previously sent out to everybody; if you need it again, send John an e-mail.

Department/Convention Registration forms for the Convention will be available on the Department website soon. Must be registered to attend the meeting, as well as all of the training sessions and hospitality rooms, where you will get a lot more than $10 of food and drink.

YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR REGISTRATION FEE FOR THE CONVENTION TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL MEETING. EARLY REGISTRATION FORMS AVAILABLE FROM YOUR POST OR FROM DEPARTMENT HQ,. ($10 early registration; $20 at the door). Pre-registration must be received by Department HQ no later than June 4.

Following are also available with registration fee:

         Hospitality rooms

         Food

         Drink

         Other committee meetings

         Training programs

And you have to register as a member of your parent organization, e.g., Legion, Auxiliary or SAL. But there is a box to check on each form (far right side) to check if you are also ALR.

And be sure to bring your Legion, Aux or SAL card – NOT your ALR card – when you register.

Some of the items at the Annual Meeting:

Elections for AZALR District Rep.

Choosing our 2022 AZALR quarterly meetings

Choosing our 2022 AZALR Bikefest

Also, our guest speaker will be Marcus Nannini 

Author, Left for Dead at Nijmegen

The Story of Gene Metcalf, a POW in WWII

Then October 9 at ALR 13 in Williams

>  Chapters which have volunteered to host a quarterly meeting –

ALR 68 – Tucson

ALR 138 – Tempe

ALR 34 – Cave Creek

ALR 117 – Phoenix

ALR 125 - Tucson

2022 meetings will be decided on at our June annual meeting.

>  2022 AZALR Bike Fest. If you want to host the 2022 AZALR Bikefest, please let John know by May 1 – chapter and proposed date – so he can send it out to everyone to discuss before our annual meeting. So far:

          ALR 25 (Cottonwood)

          ALR 24 (Tombstone)

          ALR 2 (Tempe)

>  Rides - Remember – check AZALR calendar before scheduling a ride/event to try to make sure no conflict


>  Paul Johnson, ALR 9, reported that Post 54, Coolidge, is starting up a new ALR chapter.

> Lisette Eckman, ALR 7 said to call her if you were making a ride to her post and she would insure that it was open and ready to greet everyone.

Jerry Brinkman, ALR 24, announced that it was the 17th anniversary of the start of ALR 24.

Tracy Lindsey, ALR 5, Mentioned National Women Rider Day.

Cameron Ross, ALR 2 , announced Skin and Steel event.

Backfire, ALR 138, announced Ride to Love.

Jerry Becker ALR 27, passed the hat for woman badly beaten by her husband.

ALR 11, said Douglas is having an event August 6 – 8.

50/50 drawing won by Larry Arnold, ALR 24 1st Vice.

Thanks  were given to Gerry Brinkman, President of ALR 24, ALR 24 Chaplain Beth Hill, Commander Dick Perry and the riders from ALR 24 and members of Post 24 for great lunch and hospitality.

Closing prayer given by Juanita Moffitt, ALR 108

Meeting adjourned 2:45 PM
Respectfully submitted:  Juanita Moffitt, Acting Secretary.

MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

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​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona