MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

                                                                AMERICAN LEGION RIDERS MINUTES
                                                                                     Chapter 108

                                                                                    14 June 2022

Opening prayer – Juanita Moffitt
Sgt at Arms – Is the room ready for the meeting
Salute the flag
POW/MIA Chair in place (Resolution 288)
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call of Officers, All present.

Minutes of pervious meeting – Juanita Moffitt moved to accept the minutes as written, 2nd by Sam Clark, passed. 

Treasurer – Bob Dorfman, currently bank account is at $2640.58, increase due to membership dues. Sam Clark made a motion to accept pending audit. 2nd by John Moffitt, passed. Mike Covell made a motion to donate $150 to Horse with Hearts. Sam Clark 2nd, passed.

Introduction of Guests: Francis Siavelis, ALA 108 member

Officers Reports:

Director – Ron Matthews reported that he is still doing cardiac rehab, not up to long rides still. Mike  Siavelis brought up about the recent ride to support Camp Courage/Burn Camp, suggest it might be something we would support next year. Be sure to send your hours for May to Gary Taylor.

Asst. Director – John Moffitt brought Department Convention, and the AZALR meeting that will be held on Saturday June 25th. Director will not be able to attend and will provide Gary Taylor with a letter of proxy.

June 17th, Pony Express, in interested meeting at Kachina Village Shell Station at 0900 and escort to Lupton, NM for hand off.

June 25th PGR Flag line at Bethel Baptist in Prescott Valley for Navy vet. July 1st PGR Flag line at PNC for Air Force Vet. July 6th will be group honors at PNC.

July 9th district meeting at post 6; would like a strong showing from riders to win the travelling plaque. 

Road Captain – Bob Meadowcroft, Mormon Lake ride was cancelled due to not enough people attending. Ride to Springerville was enjoyed by everyone that attended. Going to reduce the number of rides for the next months due to participation, weather, and gas prices. Will send out an updated list of rides. 

Webmaster – Ron Arrigoni, 572 followers, 533 likes to date. Quartermaster/Membership – Suzanne Covell, membership stands at 30. No new memberships pending. 

Sgt at Arms – Mike Covell, nothing to report

Chaplain – Juanita Moffitt, nothing to report

Motion to accept the Officer’s reports was made by Juanita Moffitt and seconded by Sam Clark. Passed.


May 20-21, Poppy Days were well supported. It was very windy at Denny’s.

May 30th, Glassford place visit was very nice. Would like to see more support, next visit planned for Veteran’s Day

June 23rd to 26th, Department of Arizona Convention, Tucson.

Post 6 put out a notice to see if there is an interest of a District 8 pool Tournament. Would be held on Sundays, contact Ron Matthews r John Moffitt if interested. 

June 25th Post 6 is hosting Another Lousy Ride poker run. Registration at 1000hrs.

July 9th District meeting at Post 6. Lunch at noon; General Meeting at 1300.

Would like to have as many Riders as possible there to win the Traveling Plaque.

Sept 17th District Picnic at Goldwater Lake. Let Gary Taylor know if you want to attend so he can purchase enough tickets for everyone. You will also get a parking pass if you get your tickets via the post. Tickets are $6 per person.

Old Business: 

Post is still in need of a Service Officer, please contact Gary Taylor to volunteer.

New Business:

No new business

Next meeting will be 12 Jul 2022

Our closing prayer was made by our Chaplain Juanita Moffitt

Rendered honors to our colors

Director Ron Matthews thanks everyone for their continued support and adjourned the meeting at 1832hrs.

Respectfully Submitted by
Ron Arrigoni, ALR 108 Secretry

ALR Chapter 108 Recent Minutes

​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona