MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
Auxiliary 4:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 5:00 p.m.
Post: Immediately Following - ALR: 6:00 p.m.
Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at
8939 E. Valley Road, Prc Vly  86314

A Message From The State ALR President

ALL - I won't go into detail about COVID-19 - unless you have been on Mars for the past month or two, you all know about it. There are lots of things to cover (and lots of question which have been raised) -- so here they are:
TRAVELING TROPHY. Again, after receiving input from our AZALR District Reps, we will be temporarily suspended the Traveling Trophy program. The TT is currently at ALR 66 (Green Valley) - which interestingly enough shut their doors today until probably the end of April. Department will be reviewing the COVID-19 pandemic daily, and once we feel it is safe to reinstate the program it will be done. Since the TT steal would have been on a Tuesday, when it is reinstated I will give everyone (hopefully) a one week notice, and we will start again on a Tuesday. If for some reason Past 66 is still closed when the TT progRam is reinstated, I will make arrangements with ALR 66 to get the TT physically moved to the last ALR Chapter who had it (ALR 109); if they are closed, then ALR 52 - and so on until we get a post which is open. However, until further notice, the TT program is suspended. I don't want to set an arbitrary date - whether it is the end of this month or next month - as soon as we feel that it is safe to have the program and for lots of us to get together it will be reinstated.

THE GOVERNOR'S REQUEST FOR NO GROUPS OF MORE THAN "X" NUMBER.I have heard different accounts - no more than 50, no more than 100, etc. However, this is not a law - it is just a suggestion by the Governor, based upon the best medical info available, of how to try to avoid catching or spreading COVID-19. Keep in mind, however, that it only takes one person to spread COVID-19 to another person. The theory is that the bigger the group, the more likely someone in that group has COVID-19 - and if he/she spreads it, it would be spread to a larger number

ALR CHAPTER POKER RUNS & SPECIAL EVENTS.These are all on the AZALR Calendar. The Department cannot dictate whether or not you will hold your special event -- that is up to the local ALR Chapter and each local Post. However, I would request that if you are canceling a run or event or scheduled meal, please let me know so I can take it off the calendar. (Many of you have ongoing bike nights, dinners, breakfasts, etc.). So Riders don't show up for something which has been canceled, please let me know. I can always put it back on the calendar when you start up again. And for Runs/events for which I have sent out flyers, if I get notice of cancellation I will also send that info out statewide.

DISTRICT 12 CAPTURE THE FLAG. Similar to ALR Chapter poker runs, this is a District event. Whether or not this continues is up to the leadership of District 12.

SHORTAGE OF TOILET PAPER - need I say more? In my opinion, there is a certain paranoia permeating the Country, if not the world, about this. Remember the SARS scare? The Bird flu? The West Nile Virus? Mad Cow disease? And of course the end of the world back in the early 60's when we had the blockade of Cuba and were on the verge of WWIII with Russia (you younger folks - google it). There are 327.17 million people in the US; best figures are 85 have died from COVID-19 [unfortunately, senior citizens, which a lot of us are, are most vulnerable]. According to today's figures, there have been 4,567 confirmed cases in the US, and 85 fatal. So unless you are a senior (whatever that is, but I suspect that includes a lot of us) or have some prior health issues, even if you do get it, you're chances are pretty good at getting over it. However, it's better to be safe than sorry. Those events/programs over which Department has control (quarterly meetings, Traveling Trophy) are unfortunately being temporarily suspended as a safety measure for the safety of all of us. Whether individual posts or Chapters or Districts want to continue with  their planned events is up to them.

As I said in my previous e-mail on COVID-19, things are changing daily - and sometimes many times during the day.

It really is important to get these e-mails out to your members so they know what is going on from the AZALR. So please pass this on to your riders.

John Moffitt

Chairman, American Legion Riders, Department of Arizona (AZALR)
Assistant State Captain, PGR (Patriot Guard Riders) 

Assistant Department Judge Advocate, Area C, Dep't of Arizona 

Judge Advocate, District 8, American Legion, Dep't of Arizona

Buddy Checks

How to organize a buddy check

1.      Gather up a team if possible to call or personally visit members and former members of the American Legion. If each member in a team of 10 calls just 10 Legionnaires or former Legionnaires, 100 veterans can be reached in one sitting.

2.      Visit for a list of members and former members.

3.      Divide up the call list among your team members.

4.      Start calling - either from a quiet place inside the post or from your home - to see how the members and former members are doing, ask if they need anything and invite them to an upcoming event or activity such as the American Legion’s birthday or Veterans Day.

5.      Thank the member or former member in the beginning and at the end of your call.

6.      Have your posts payment procedure at your fingertips if the member or former member wishes to renew, the address to send the check, or offer to stop by in person and pick it up (another opportunity to connect).

7.      Leave contact information if no one answers the phone. The veteran may return your call later.

8. has sample scripts, FAQ’S, and other pertinent information.

Since our usual meeting place is still locked down,            we will be holding our meetings at:

The Affordable Burial and Cremation Building at 8939 E. Valley Road, Prescott Valley  86314. We will be practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizers upon entry, and the wearing of masks will be preferred if you are able to wear one. We will be starting our meetings earlier:

Auxiliary: 4:00 p.m.

Post/Unit Joint Mtg.: 5:00 p.m. 

Post: Immediately  Following

ALR: 6:00 p.m.

For further info on this and the rationale that led to this decision,

please see the "RECENT EVENTS" page under the "POST 108" tab

A Message From the PGR State Capatain

We are beginning to hear from cemeteries about gatherings at funerals.  For the time being I'd like for everyone to be proactive about this.

**  If you feel even in the slightest bit ill/slight temp/coughing/sneezing/any flu-like symptoms, please STAY HOME.

**  We are taking measures to get flag support equipped with hand sanitizer as well as wipes/sprays for the flag poles.

      Please use the hand sanitizer and assist the flag captain with disinfecting the flagpoles before putting them away.

**  Please maintain a safe distance in the flag lines from one least 5 feet please.

**  Ride Captains/flag support....refrain from sign in sheets until further notice.  Everyone handling the same pen?  NO.

**  Do NOT shake hands or fist bump please....for now, let's resort to elbow bumps.

**  Should you begin to feel ill after you have been to a mission....anything flu-like....let me know IMMEDIATELY please, then keep me posted on your progress.

**  Avoid contact with family members.  We may know where most of us have been, but we have zero idea where family members have been especially if they have flown in for funerals.

**  Repeating this one, no gathering of hands at Circle of Honor!

**  We are all about respect, right?  Please respect each other...if hand sanitizer is available, USE IT !  If disinfectant is available, help apply

      it.  The incubation period is so long with this virus that you may have it and not know it.
There is no panic within this organization, just a responsible position in assisting with prevention of this virus.  Thank you all for helping with this.

 Honor.  Respect.
"No Man Left Behind" does not end on the battlefield.

Bill "Wildhorse" Wooster

State Captain
Arizona Patriot Guard Riders

1. Get to Know Your Posts (GTKYPs) has started! Information is on ALR Events Page. This event is not limited to Biker's...Cage'rs are welcome as well!

2. Check out the Arizona Heroes of WWI Page! AMAZING! 



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