​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

​​​​MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
ALR: 5:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 6:00 p.m.
Auxiliary right after joint meeting 
United Methodist Church
8944 E Sommer Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

                                                                            DISTRICT 8 AMERICAN LEGION FAMILY PICNIC RULES

1.  The Picnic Chairman will be the District 8 Vice-Commander. The Vice-Chairman  and a designated member of the year’s HOST POST will be responsible for making and distributing tickets along with any information concerning the picnic to include maps; coordinating the set-up at the picnic; and organizing food serving volunteers. The Picnic Chairman should get confirmation from each Post two weeks before the Picnic and again one week before the Picnic that they will be bringing their required items no later than 11 AM on the day of the Picnic. Confirmation can either by via e-mail or telephone.

2.  The District 8 American Legion Family Picnic will be held annually on the last Saturday of September or as accommodations will allow at designated location.  

3.  Each Post in the District will be assigned their responsibilities yearly on a rotating basis (by moving up one space) by the Picnic Chairman.

4.  a) The cost to attend the picnic will be $6.00 per adult. Children 10 years old and under will be served free. Each Post shall notify the Picnic Chairman of the number of tickets requested for that Post no later than July 1 of each year. Tickets will be distributed to each Post at the District meeting immediately prior to the Picnic, and shall be paid for at that time. There will be NO REFUNDS for previously paid tickets at the picnic.

     b) The tickets and the flyers should advertise this event as the American Legion District 8 Picnic and Auction.

     c)  Something should be included with each group of tickets given to a Post with large and clear instructions to the bartender or person selling the tickets, stating “This entire ticket should be given to the person purchasing it. Do NOT remove the stub from the ticket. The stub is to be presented at the picnic for door prizes.”

     d)  The Picnic Chairman should bring a minimum of 3 dozen unsold tickets to the picnic for sale at the door.

5.  Post 6 is responsible for securing the insurance (as necessary), and will be reimbursed for the cost thereof in accordance with Paragraph 9 below.

6.  The HOST POST is responsible for the meats, cooks, cooking briquets and other miscellaneous items deemed necessary. The HOST POST, in coordination with the Picnic Chairman, is also responsible for securing the location of the picnic and reservation fees (which fees are subject to reimbursement in accordance with Paragraph 9 below), provided, however, that if the HOST POST has a club with a liquor license the picnic cannot be held at the Host Post’s home unless the Host Post dedicates its profits from sales at the bar to those attending the District Picnic during the period 11 AM to 3 PM to the District. In the event that the picnic is held at the Host Post with a liquor license, then those Posts which would otherwise be responsible for providing soda & water and beer & wine would get a "bye" for that year and not have to provide anything. After his election, the Picnic Chairman will coordinate with the HOST POST for the following year to secure the location of the picnic for the following year, and report the location to the District membership at the January District meeting.

7.  The DISTRICT SERGEANT AT ARMS will insure presence of the District Sound System for announcements, auction and other activities at the picnic.

8. Each Post in the District will be responsible for providing one (1) unwrapped gift, from each of the Post and Auxiliary and S.A.L. Squadron, valued at no more than $15.00 each, for the auction event. The Post and Auxiliary and S.A.L. Squadron will each also be asked to bring White Elephant items wrapped in PLAIN paper for the auction event and door prizes. The Picnic Chairman should ensure that the auction items, unwrapped, and the White Elephant (wrapped) auction items and door prizes are easily identifiable. 

 9.  The Post providing Beer and Wine will be responsible to collect $2.00 per drink, and the Post providing the Soda and Water will be responsible to collect $1.00 per drink. Proceeds to be accounted for as in Item # 11. All proceeds from the sale of Beer, Wine, soda and water are to be turned over to the Finance Officer at the picnic - supplies (with receipts) can be reimbursed under Item # 10.  This paragraph shall not apply to a Host Post with a liquor license agreeing to host the picnic at its home post in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 6 above.

10.  Posts must present receipts, for picnic supplies purchased for reimbursement to occur on the day of the picnic. Each Post will be repaid for their food and picnic essentials outlay. Cost of RAFFLE and AUCTION items will NOT be REIMBURSED. Any food items brought to the picnic after 11 AM on the day of the picnic will not be reimbursed. This paragraph shall not apply to the costs of soda, water, beer, wine and alcohol by a Host Post with a liquor license agreeing to host the picnic at its home post in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 6 above.

11.  All proceeds, after expenses, of the District Picnic will be divided equally between the District 8 American Legion and the District 8 Auxiliary respectively.

12.  Each Post will supply one member of either the Post or Auxiliary or S.A.L. Squadron to assist in serving their responsible assignments at the serving line as designated by the Host Post. Clean-up of these stations and left-over goods is the responsibility of each Post. Auctioning or removal of goods is acceptable.

13.  Serving is easily accommodated from 12:00 (noon) to 13:30 (1:30), while food and all others items (other than auction items or door prizes) should be present no later than 11 AM. Any items which are not at the Picnic site by 11 AM will be purchased by the District, and the cost of said items will be assessed to the Post which was responsible for bringing those items. Serving should not start until the Pledge of Allegiance, introductions and opening prayer.

14.   All District Officers should be at the picnic location no later than 10:30 AM to assist in the set-up and coordination of the picnic.

15.  To change these PICNIC RULES or any part thereof will require a simple majority of the Posts in the District voting to do so.