​​American Legion

Post 108​

Prescott Valley, Arizona

​​​​MEETINGS:  2nd Tuesday of the month 
ALR: 5:00 p.m. - Post/Unit Joint Mtg. 6:00 p.m.
Auxiliary right after joint meeting 
United Methodist Church
8944 E Sommer Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

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                                                                                                         April 22, 2023

Hosted by ALR 78, Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

Meeting opened according to ritual at 1304. Opening Prayer - Chaplain Ken Murphy, 78 Guests:

Chis Balsley, Sons of the American Legion Vice Commander Area B, Candidate for Department of Arizona Detachment Commander
Dan Ashley, Past Detachment Commander Sons of the American Legion, Alternate NEC, Candidate for Western Region Vice Commander
Mike Simon, Department of Arizona Commander Welcome from Larry Maybon, ALR 78 Director


CHAIRMAN: Gerard Brinkmann - Present

VICE CHAIRMAN AREA A: Donald Bracken – Excused, Proxy Kirk Affolder

VICE CHAIRMAN AREA B: Matt Kritzer - Present VICE CHAIRMAN AREA C: David Hay - Present SECRETARY: Lisette Eckman - Present INFORMATION OFFICER: Larry Arnold - Excused COMMUNICATIONS: Brandon Vail - Absent JUDGE ADVOCATE: Jennifer Kritzer - Present


present (2): 1, 11

excused (proxys sent) (4): 2, 3, 8, 12

non-reporting (4): 4, 5, 6, 7


Chapters present (28): 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 36, 39, 41, 44, 61, 62, 78, 91, 105, 107, 109, 117, 131, 138, 140           excused (3): 35, 134, 143

non-reporting (34): 7, 13, 14, 16, 23, 30, 32, 34, 45, 52, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 66, 68, 69, 76, 81, 86, 87, 93, 96, 97, 103, 108, 125, 126, 129, 130, 132, 133, 141


Minutes of the January 2023 meeting were previously emailed. Motion to accept passes.


CHAIRMAN – Gerard “Ja-Hari” Brinkmann

Acknowledge leadership from VSOs. Sign-in sheet is going around. It gives us an accurate record of who comes to meetings. In accordance with reso.5 (and others), no patches or modifications to the patches (white trim, bedazzling, etc.) may be made unless you have written approval from Flag and Emblem. Also, no partisan political patches. Oracle (2): “You’re talking about just the center patch right?” Answer: Yes. The center patch is a copyrighted item. Nothing goes above the American Flag patch, this is stipulated in the memo from Natl Adjutant Dan Wheeler, also against flag code. A cut out star is a piece of a retired flag, not THE FLAG.

Nominations for elections will begin at the April meeting, must be in writing or person to accept. Inaugural AZALR Instate Legacy Run 18-21 May. Thursday registration, check in, dinner, meet and greet at 32 (Safford) Thursday night, Friday morning breakfast and bag nasty from 32, ride to 30 (Springerville). Friday night dinner and entertainment at 30, Saturday morning ride to 25 (Cottonwood) (brunch at 86, Heber-Overgaard).

Saturday night dinner at 25 (Cottonwood). Sunday breakfast and ride home. We will split into different groups for safety and refuel. Need volunteers for chase vehicles with trailers, also need Medics.

Protocol. Most of us learn protocol from meetings, we need to adhere to this better. Dept Convention 22-25 June 2023 at El Conquistador; we will conduct nominations, elections and vote on Jan 2024 meeting. At Conference in Nov, we will vote on April 2024 meeting. AZALR will be doing another hospitality suite. Friday night will be pulled pork. ALR 117 (Phoenix) will be donating $117 to the hospitality suite. ALR 5 (Phoenix) will donate $5. ALR 12 (Wickenburg) will donate $100. ALR 29 (Glendale) is donating $129. AZALR Pony Express – Slim, 41 (Phoenix): It’s another way to get everybody together.

$15,000 was raised in one night by 117 (Phoenix) and 61 (Avondale). The Legacy

Scholarship Fund is run through National and is for children of Post 9/11 Veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice or have a 50% or greater disability rating from the VA. Last year we handed National a check for just under $10,000. We should quadruple that.

Traveling Trophy Master Thief leader – ALR 9 (Florence) and 24 (Tombstone) tied with 5 wins so far. AZALR website has cut sheets for each Post for mileage. Bylaws committee will meet after this meeting.
In the good of the order: No announcements for Post or Chapter level events/raffles/fundraisers. District Reps will brief significant District level or above events only. Bring flyers, walk around and talk to people, great opportunity for cross chapter camaraderie.

Annual Chapter reports are due Jun 1, NLT Jun 15. This year we will have a link with an online reporting form. Remember to share your report with your Post Commander so they can incorporate it into their CPR.

VICE CHAIRMAN AREA A - Donald “Duckie” Bracken (Kirk Affolder, proxy)

No report

VICE CHAIRMAN AREA B - Matt “Big Sarge” Kritzer

No report


Wants to see everyone on the Legacy Run.

SECRETARY – Lisette “Lizard” Eckman

Hospitality suite: Please donate. Send checks to ALR 36, 5845 E. 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85711. Put "ALR Hospitality Suite" on the memo line. We currently have $443.32 in the funds. We spent $1085.23 for the Fall Conference and $1021.45 for the Summer Convention. As Chapter elections are coming up, I would like to remind everyone again to use the Google Form that is linked in every email sent out to make Directory changes. Each chapter can have three contacts on the Directory. I recommend having the Director, Assistant Director, and whoever puts out the information to your chapter.


JUDGE ADVOCATE - Jennifer “Diva” Kritzer

No report.

INFORMATION OFFICER - Larry “Dexter” Arnold




District Reps:

D1 Doug Kreag: no report
D2 David “Porky” Madril, Sr (Excused. Proxy: Brian “BK” Kempker): Porky has been experiencing some medical issues. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
D3 Dan “Dang” Greene (Excused. Proxy: Rob Gaines): D3 is hosting Western Romp Sept 14-17.
D4 Steve Collins: absent
D5 Casey “Stash” Campbell: absent D6 Todd Harris: absent
D7 Roger Green: absent
D8 Dennis Pittman (Excused. Proxy: Jeremy Davalos): no report
D11 Tracy Lindsey: Feb 25, Post 5 Nano’s ride – was supposed to be last one, but it will continue. Over the last three years, they have helped over 300 people. Post 61 had a successful bike night. Post 96 had a successful Mancini ride. Post 105’s Legacy Ride was March 18. Thank you to Post 29 for moving the Manske ride that was supposed to be this weekend.

D12 Debra “Backfire” Chalfin (Excused. Proxy: Heidi Young): No report

 AZ ALR BIKEFEST 2023 – ALR 25 (Cottonwood): looking forward to seeing everyone there. Still working on the details. Discussing having a “receipt ride” 20-22 October. Bikefest 2024 will be voted on at Convention – one vote per chapter.

GTKYP - Dan Simione, 117 (Phoenix): New maps are out. The confusion is that it is a rider event, but it is a Legion event. Don’t forget to mail in last year’s maps or drop them off at 117 (Phoenix).

LEGION OF THE SILVER ROSE - 35 (Chandler) just hosted last Saturday. Next one is October 7, Post 24 (Tombstone). If you are interested in hosting Silver Rose for spring 2024, get with Lynn or Tony Pisaturo.





Vice Chair, Area A: Kirk “Zigzag” Affolder, 109 (Corona de Tucson)
Vice Chair, Area B: Matt “Big Sarge” Kritzer, 29 (Glendale), accepts
Vice Chair, Area C: David “Ahay” Hay, 25 (Cottonwood), accepts
D1: Robin Aitken, 19 (Yuma)
D2: Brian “BK” Kempker, 36 (Tucson) accepted: Jeff “Shark” Schaner, 109 (Corona de Tucson) accepted via email
D3: Dan “Dang” Greene, 24 (Tombstone) accepted via email
D4: none
D5: none
D6: none
D7: none
D8: Dennis Pittman, 140 (Prescott Valley) , accepted via email
D11: Tracy Lindsay, 5 (Phoenix), accepts
D12: Deb “Backfire” Chalfin, 138 (Tempe), accepted via email Nominations closed. Will reopen at Department Convention.

District 11 will have a new chapter starting in June at 115 in North Glendale


June, 2023-Department Convention, El Conquistador, Oro Valley, AZ November, 2023 Department Fall Conference, El Conquistador, Oro Valley, AZ

January, 2024  TBD at Department Convention

April 2024   TBD


Slim, 41 (Phoenix): In February Legion magazine, story of Idaho prison Legion charter. Two members from 39 are laying the foundation to start a prison chapter in AZ, to help the Veterans get services, etc. Next meeting will be to sit down with Department officials and prison officials to work on paperwork. Ja-Hari: if you have questions about anything you have heard, just ask. He will always give a straight answer.


Chris Balsley, ALR 91, running for Detachment Commander for 2023-24. CWF will be major project. Wants to work on having the S.A.L. go with Area Vice Commanders.
Dan Ashley: Interview in two weeks for Western Vice Region. Has been chairman of CWF. Post 27 has made a major donation this year. Last 5 years, 40/8 is number one in the nation for donations to CWF. Make Arizona shine. Mike Simon, Department Commander: What he learned this year is that his job is not done this year. No vacation, no time off, back to the grind with chair positions. Wants to finish the year strong. Has some big checks to present at National Convention. June 17, Department Homecoming.



Submitted by
Lisette Eckman AZALR Secretary